Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Agomelatine To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Depressive Mood

Anxiety Attack
Agomelatine is norepinephrine dopamine inhibitor widely used for the treatment of depression and anxiety in various individuals. As a norepinephrine dopamine inhibitor, agomelatine works by blocking the 5HT2C receptors, which are normally activated by the neurotransmitter serotonin. When activated, these cause anxiety, depression, social anxiety and compulsive disorders.

Agomelatine thus helps to reduce stress levels and treat depression and anxiety by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the brain. Unlike other anti depressants, agomelatine is much safe and effective to use as it binds to cellular melatonin receptors in the brain, triggering a response that mimics the action of naturally occurring melatonin.

It is the hormone melatonin which although produced naturally in the body tends to decline and diminish with time under certain conditions. Melatonin has been closely linked to our sleep patterns and other circadian rythms of the body and has been thus proved to be useful in the treatment of stress and various other sleep related disorders and conditions.

As agomelatine helps in inducing sound restful sleep in the night, it helps to treat daytime drowsiness, fatigue, lack of energy and a general feeling of depression and boredom caused due to lack of proper sleep in the night. This makes agomelatine depression treatment drug safer and more effective over other anti depressants in the market.

Another advantage of Agomelatine over more conventional treatments is that it doesn’t appear to cause any withdrawal symptoms. Some anti-depressants can become addictive, and quitting them can cause extremely unpleasant reactions, including sweating, nausea, insomnia, electric-shock-like sensations, dizziness, tremor, confusion and vertigo.Also, as melatonin levels are known to decline in age and sound restful sleep is important to our health, vitality and wellbeing, agomelatine often acts as an anti aging drug along with being a powerful anti depressant for the treatment of anxiety and depression in many elderly men and women suffering from sleep loss problems due to old age and other such causes.

Thus if you are looking to get rid of your anxiety and depression or you want to have more restful sound sleep in the night to avoid feeling fatigued and low in the daytime, you can easily buy agomelatine online and take it as an anti depressant or as an anti aging supplement for your overall health and wellbeing.Agomelatine dosage is 25mg per day taken before bedtime as an effective treatment for major depressive disorders and conditions.