Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Stablon For The Treatment Of Anxiety And Depression

Stablon Anti Depressant
Depression Symptom
Stablon belongs to the class of anti depressant medication used for the treatment all sorts of anxiety and depression ranging from mild to severe depression. Although similar in structure with other tricyclic anti depressant medication, Stablon is better than these medication in the sense that stablon provides all the anti depressant effects but sans the adverse effects associated with tricyclic drugs.

Stablon dosage works by increasing the serotonin levels in the brain thereby producing the effect of mild euphoria. Instead of inhibiting the serotonin uptake like that of SSRIs, Stablon increases the serotonin uptake resulting in reduction of anxiety symptoms in depressive patients. Thus, by increasing the serotonin uptake stablon helps to treat depression from anxiety in many of the depressed patients.

The drug was first created and developed by French researchers Antoine Deslandes and Michael Spedding in the 1980s. The drug is currently marketed widely in Europe and other parts of the world. However due the lack of its patent in US and UK it is currently not available in these countries. This anti depressant medication not only relieves depression but also have an overall calming effect upon the mind of an individual.

Since stablon does not produce the usual sedative and adverse cardiovascular effect associated with other psychotropic drugs, it is especially beneficial for elderly patients and those suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Stablon in such a case helps to treat depression anxiety and vice versa.

However if you are already taking MAO inhibiting medicines like Gerovital H3 etc. or other SSRIs like Prozac, you must consult a doctor before taking this medicine as Stablon is known to interfere with the working of MAO inhibitors and other SSRI medication in the blood stream. Another important thing to be kept in mind while taking this medicine is that you should never cease the intake of this medicine suddenly as sudden withdrawal of this medication can worsen some of the symptoms.

As stablon side effects are very mild to none, it is considered as a completely safe and effective anti depressant medication. The possible mild side effects attached with this medicine include headache, nausea, fatigue, constipation, insomnia, anxiety, sweating, dizziness and rarely chest pain and difficulty in breathing.

So if you are looking to get rid of your constant anxiety and depression, you can easily buy stablon online and take this medication in prescribed dose for good results. The recommended dose of this medication is one tablet thrice a day taken orally with water before main course meals.
However elderly patients of over 70 years of age and patient with kidney problems are recommended to take lower dose of this medicine to avoid any complication or problem.

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