Thursday, 9 August 2012

Top Health Benefits of Exercise for Long Life

There is not even a single person in this world who has not dreamt of a healthy life. If we all want such healthy life then I don’t know why we people didn’t do exercise daily. What are the benefits of exercise? I think most of you don’t even know the exercise benefits. Exercise has proven to be one of the thing that can cure any type of disease. Exercise has lot of benefits.  

Following are some of the proven health benefits of exercise:

  •    Exercise controls weight 
  •   Improves mood 
  •    Boosts Energy 
  •    Works as an anti depressant 
  •     Prevents Heart disease 
  •     Controls Obesity and blood pressure 
  •  Controls Anxiety & Stress
  •   Improves sleep, etc.
  • Increase the Stamina

Exercise benefits a lot more if performed early morning. You can do yoga or can go out for a walk. Apart from this you can try aerobics, swimming, spinning, etc. All these are form of exercises. You can do anyone which you feels like is the best suitable for you or in which you are more comfortable. Daily exercise benefits a lot. Try exercising daily.   

If you have lack of time to do the exercise in home or in gym you can try these exercise for 30 minutes in a day (morning preferably) I read this article on web and found top exercises for legs, thighs, kneck and overall body. 

So, now you know the benefits of exercise. Apart from all the above mentioned benefits, exercise promotes healthy pregnancy, reduces the risk of asthma and has anti aging effects. You just need 10 minutes for exercise. 10 minutes is enough for the exercise. So, promise me as from now you’ll exercise daily.